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While winter break gives you the chance to rest and spend joyful moments with family and friends, you should still consider engaging in a few learning experiences so you can keep your mind active during your time off. For a few activities you should try while you're off school, continue reading.

Winter Break Activities

  1. Now that you have time to do so, read and write as much as you can. Getting lost in a story, or keeping a journal about your holidays, can help you work on spelling, vocabulary, and grammar, at the same time as you having an enjoyable moment over the break.
  2. Plan several field trips with friends and family so that you can take advantage of your time off. Taking a stroll down the zoo, a museum, or a library can help you keep learning, even if you're not in school.
  3. You should also play games if you want to use your time off wisely. Doing jigsaw puzzles, or solving a crossword puzzle, can help you more than you know; they sharpen several skills, such as memory, management, and strategic thinking.
  4. Winter tends to be colder, which means people stay inside and relish on delicious holiday food. Still, a sedentary lifestyle can make an impact on your body and mind's health. Remain active during the break, so you can continue being healthy. If it's too cold to go out, do yoga or another workout at home.
  5. Finally, you should remember to study even if you're not currently in school. Going over your notes will help you keep the lessons you learned fresh and ready to be expanded on during the next term.

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