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A well-read child can be more empathic, more knowledgeable, have a wider vocabulary, and more. Not only that, but if they read with you, there are plenty of other benefits that they'll be able to reap. To learn what a few of these are, refer to the following post.

How Reading With Your Child Can Benefit Them

  1. The first benefit will do wonders for your and your child's relationship, since spending more time together will likely make you closer. Moreover, as your child grows older, they will also be more likely to form strong bonds with others.
  2. As previously stated, reading often comes with a slew of benefits. If you'd like your child to experience them, reading with them can help, as it will allow them to build a reading habit.
  3. For some children, reading comprehension can be challenging. Still, if you're by your child's side to answer questions about the material, they may strengthen those skills more easily.
  4. As you read with your child, you can also help them develop critical thinking skills. Ask them questions about the text, so they can start forming their own well-rounded opinions.
  5. A last benefit that can actually help you, too, is that reading with others can be an eye-opening, enriching experience. As you both share what you understood from the reading material, you get to see things from a different perspective.

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