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Do you have a report due for one of your classes? If that's the case, follow the tips in this post, so you can write up a great one!

How to Write a Report

  1. The first step is having a topic to do your report on. In case the teacher didn't assign one already, opt for one that speaks to your interests and that you'll actually want to learn about.
  2. Then, research the topic as thoroughly as you can. Find out as much as possible on the Internet or in books, and read all of the information you come across. While you're at it, start discerning the information and organizing it. Just guarantee the sources are trustworthy and that you cite correctly.
  3. To make your report easier to get through, once you have your research done, create an outline to organize your ideas. This will also allow you to prioritize, eliminate, and have a clearer direction for your report.
  4. Next up, is actually writing the report. As you write, pay attention to spelling, grammar, and form. Likewise, try your best to avoid tired cliches so you can challenge your brain and your creativity to make a great report.
  5. Lastly, do not hand your report in without proofreading it! It will give you a chance to spot and correct mistakes, as well as find areas that you could improve. Try to give your report those extra details that could make it more interesting and well-written.

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