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How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Reading is one of the best activities that your child can engage in if they want to improve on different academic skills (such as grammar, spelling, and vocabulary), work on their imagination, and learn more about a variety of subjects. This is why you should encourage them to read and help them create a reading habit. If you'll like a few tips on how to achieve that, you'll find them below.

Lead the Way

If you want your child to become an avid reader, you need to be one yourself. They imitate you and your habits, so set an example they can follow.

Give Them the Right Conditions

Provide your child with the conditions they need to read comfortably and uninterrupted. For example, they should be in a well-lit room, free of distractions, and in a commodious and supportive chair.

Let Them Choose

If you want your child to build a reading habit, you should let them pick reading material that speaks to their interests, age, and reading level (of course, just verify that it is appropriate for them).

Read Along with Them

Reading doesn't have to be an individual activity. You can read with your child before bedtime and make it an enjoyable, bonding experience for the both of you.

Visit the Library

Visiting the library can motivate your child to read. This is because they'll be impressed with all of the literature and knowledge around them, which will probably make them eager to start reading.

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