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Summer is about relaxing, going to the beach, playing, having fun, and more. However, your child should also make some time for their academics over their break if they want to avoid summer learning loss. If you'd like to help your child stay sharp during their vacation, so they're ready for the new school year, follow the tips below.

How to Avoid Summer Learning Loss

  1. It's easy to forget about concepts, definitions, dates, names, and other information, that you don't think about often. That's why, to avoid summer learning loss, your child should review their notes and read their school books to be reminded of their lessons.
  2. Practicing won't only help your child refresh their knowledge, but also continue improving on different academic skills. If you want your child to be completely ready for the new school year, give them worksheets to complete over the break.
  3. A simple tip that can do great things to impede summer learning loss is to talk with your child about school, about their subjects, about what they learned, etc. This will keep their school lessons fresh in their memory.
  4. If you want your student to continue learning, at the same time as they have fun and bond with you, take them on excursions to libraries, zoos, and museums. There, they'll be in contact with new information in an entertaining way.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss with Tutoring in Elk Grove

Remember that you can turn to The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove to help your child learn and develop their academic skills during the break. Call (916) 691-9620 if you want to find out more about the academic programs they offer, or to enroll your child in tutoring in Elk Grove.


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