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Back to school season is upon us! After an awesome winter break, it's time to pack your backpack and return to the classroom. However, if you're feeling overly nervous about going back, here are few tips to help you feel calmer about it.

How to Ease Back-to-School Nerves

Review Your Notes and Syllabus

Winter break learning loss and feeling unprepared may make you anxious about going back to school. To fight them off, you should review your notes and your syllabus a couple of times before you return.

Prepare Your Supplies

Speaking of feeling unprepared, leaving everything until the last minute is a nerve-racking situation. To avoid it, get your belongings ready days in advance (for example, your school supplies, your backpack, and even your clothing).

Reach Out to Others

If your nervous energy is getting too much for you to handle, reach out to friends, peers, family, teachers, and even to a professional. Talking about your feelings to them may give you a new perspective on the situation, which can provide some guidance.

Try Relaxing

While it's easier said than done, you should try relaxing. Breathing in deeply, doing yoga, petting a dog, doing arts and crafts, and getting a massage, are just a few ways in which you can occupy your mind and leave your nerves behind.

Remain Positive

Last but not least, you need to realize how powerful your mind is. For example, if you think school is too hard, it will be too hard. Stay positive, remember the good things about school, and have confidence in yourself, so you feel more eager to return.

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