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With so many changes that the new school year brings it is important to keep your child´s self esteem in check. Raising their self-esteem is a very important factor in your child´s education and their life. That is why at The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove we want to mention a few phrases to...

2 Back to School Ideas That Are Fun and Meaningful

We had previously shared a few ideas for creating back to school traditions that allow your children to open up about the new school year. This time, at The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove we have two more ideas to have fun at the beginning of this...
The school year has started, and along with it come new memories, and learning opportunities. That is why, today at The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove we want to give you a few ideas to help you make a memorable moments of your own with your children this new school year.

Fun and Helpful Back to...

Just as summer break came, it went. Soon, your child will be back in school, in their new grade, learning new things. However, for that to happen, you need to help them get ready for it. For a few tips on how you can help your child prepare for a new school term, continue reading.

How to Prepare...


How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Reading is one of the best activities that your child can engage in if they want to improve on different academic skills (such as grammar, spelling, and vocabulary), work on their imagination, and learn more about a variety of subjects. This is why you should...

How to Keep an Organized Agenda for School

With summer break coming to an end fast, you're surely already preparing for back-to-school so you can begin the new year with the right foot forward. Keeping an agenda, for instance, can be great for that purpose since it'll help you manage your time...

Benefits of Tutoring for Your Child

Research shows many ways your child can benefit from a private tutoring program. These are just a few benefits to keep in mind if you are debating the necessity of tutoring for your child.

Improved Study Habits

Tutoring will build upon the learning your child...
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