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Note-taking is a basic skill every student should master, as it can make a difference in their study sessions and, as a result, in their learning experience and grades. That's why, if you have a goal to improve as a student, you should pay more attention to how you take notes. If you need help in this department, here you'll learn tips to become an expert note-taker.

How to Take Notes that Will Help You Study

Have Clean and Organized Notes

It can be challenging to study when your notes are messy. To get a better idea of how to organize your notebooks and notes, read through this tutorial on the matter.

Be Ready to Write

Saving time is important when taking notes, lest you want to be left behind. Keep your writing tools (like pencils, sharpener, and eraser) handy, so you're ready to start at a moment's notice.

Create a Writing Strategy

Speaking of being time-efficient, you should create a writing strategy that will allow you to keep up with your teacher as you take notes. For instance, make use of common abbreviations to be faster.

Take Comprehensible Notes

A mistake you shouldn't make is writing incomprehensible notes, since they won't help you study. Even if you're writing fast, take care of your penmanship and write down phrases you'll be able to understand later on.

Emphasize Important Information

Certain information is more important than other (e.g. dates, names, definitions, formulas, etc.). To keep it from getting lost in a sea of notes, use highlighters and colored pens to emphasize it.

Review What You Wrote

Once you're done taking notes, take a moment to read back what you wrote. This will help you notice if you missed anything, or if the lesson wasn't clear. You can compare notes with a peer or ask your teacher if you need clarification.

Become a Better Student with Tutoring in Elk Grove CA

Taking better notes is only one step in becoming a good student. To advance in this academic goal, you can enlist assistance from The Tutoring Center, Elk Grove CACall (916) 691-9620 to inquire more about their highly-effective academic programs or to enroll in tutoring in Elk Grove CA.


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