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The school year has started, and along with it come new memories, and learning opportunities. That is why, today at The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove we want to give you a few ideas to help you make a memorable moments of your own with your children this new school year.

Fun and Helpful Back to School Traditions

Back to school traditions can be fun ways to get your children to adapt to the new school year, as well as a great way to get them to open up, and talk about their new experiences the first days of school. Help your child express their concerns, and feelings about this exciting but overwhelming experience by providing a few interesting ways to share their thoughts. The following are three ideas to get you started in creating meaningful and exciting back to school traditions that allow you to be more involved in your child´s new school year experience.

Back to School Interview

This is a great way to get your child to talk about the back to school experience without being too invasive, or at least not too obvious. You can prepare a set of ¨interview¨ questions for your children to answer after the first day or the first week of school. Then have them dress up as they like and get a microphone and a video recorder and start ¨interviewing¨ them. Ask them about their goals and expectations for the school years and let them talk about any doubts or fears they may have. Do not try to advise them during the interview, just let them talk. Then after the interview you may want to take them out for ice cream or just write them a letter with some inspirational words or encouraging phrases that you feel may help them best deal with each situation. Let them know you are available for an ¨interview¨ as well in case they have any questions they would like to ask you.

Back to School Backyard Battle

This is another great way to get your child to start the school year off on the right foot. After the first week or two of school have them fill up some water balloons or a water gun or even confetti filled eggs and have a backyard battle with questions about some of their teachers or classmates or new information they might have already learned or covered in Math or English. You get to hide and call out a question if they answer correctly then you have to come out and they get to chase and attack you with whatever weapon they are using (water gun, water balloons or confetti filled eggs) Then they get to hide and call out a question for you, if you answer correctly they will then have to come out and you get to attack them. This is also a great way for you to get to learn their teacher´s names and new information about their classmates or school subjects.

Tutoring in Elk Grove, CA

This new school year, start your children off on the right path, by getting them support they need. Tutoring is a great way for them to receive the one on one help that most schools cannot provide. It will allow them to get a head start in school and in life. For the best tutoring in Elk Grove, CA call us today at (916) 691-9620. If you would like to find out more about how your child will benefit from tutoring please read our previous post here, or contact us directly.  


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