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Benefits of Tutoring for Your Child

Research shows many ways your child can benefit from a private tutoring program. These are just a few benefits to keep in mind if you are debating the necessity of tutoring for your child.

Improved Study Habits

Tutoring will build upon the learning your child does in the classroom, helping her to plan better. She will approach her class assignments and projects in a more organized manner.


Without having thirty other students to distract her, your child will receive immediate feedback to help her improve. Individual attention allows your child to focus on areas in need of improvement at her own pace.

More Time-on-Task

Your child will receive additional help on learning skills to reinforce what she has learned in school. Additional exercises will give her more time to practice her lessons and apply the skills she is learning.

Improved Social Skills

Although tutoring is one-to-one, it helps build your child's confidence in the classroom. She will communicate better and become more comfortable interacting with an adult authority figure. This boost in self-esteem will improve her relations with her peers and conflict-resolution abilities.

Self-Managed Learning

The individual attention your child receives in tutoring builds her interest in learning. As her confidence grows, so does her academic performance because she has a better attitude toward school.

Reducing Risky Behaviors

Tutoring gives your child something productive to do in a safe, supportive environment while not in school. This benefit is especially helpful during the summer months when your child has a lot of free time.

Extra Challenge

Remember that tutoring is not only for struggling children. Gifted students are often bored by school material, and tutoring offers them a customized learning structure to keep them engaged and challenged.

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