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When you think about it, a dictionary is a very curious thing: it is basically a book that lists and defines almost every word you'll ever use to communicate with others. For that reason, it can be a marvelous learning tool if used appropriately. To ensure your child gets the most out of their dictionary, continue reading.

How to Use a Dictionary Effectively

  1. First of all, practice the alphabet with them. It's unlikely that your child will find a lot of use in the dictionary if they don't know the order of the letters, so practice it often until they get it.
  2. Step number two is to find the right dictionary for your child. This should be a simple, updated, pocket-sized English dictionary that your child can carry around easily and consult whenever needed.
  3. Next, your child should learn about the different parts that make up a dictionary (like the thesaurus, the part of speech, the pronunciation, etc.) and how they can use them to their academic advantage.
  4. After that, they can begin the first search. To do so, teach them to look for the first letter of the unknown word. When they arrive at that section of the dictionary, they can use the guide words to locate the word they're looking for.
  5. Finally, they need to work on understanding the meaning; i.e., they should be sure that the definition of the unknown word is clear. If it's not, tell them to search for words within the definition to clarify the meaning.

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