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Your child needs supplies in order to go back to school and learn. However, if yours is in the habit of losing all of them (like some students are wont to do), the following post will share tips on how to help your child organize and keep track of their material.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their School Supplies

Put Their Name and Grade on Them

Firstly, if your child is prone to losing their belongings, labeling them may be the right move. Putting your child's name and grade on every last one of their supplies will increase the chances of them being returned to their rightful owner if they're ever misplaced.

Give Them Extra Supplies

Your child's education could suffer because of a lack of school supplies. For example, they may be unable to take down notes if they don't have writing tools. To make sure this doesn't happen, give your child a few extra supplies that they can use if needed.

Create an Organizational System

If you'd like your child to be more aware of where their supplies are, help them create an organizational system. For instance, they should have a pencil case where they can keep the smaller items (like erasers, sharpeners, and pens). Just teach them to put everything back where it belongs after they finish using it.

Get Them Back

Finally, if your child is a sharer, they'll probably lend their school supplies to their peers constantly. While this is a good attitude to have, make sure your child knows to ask for their supplies back once their peers are done with them.

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