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Knowing how to add is a basic necessity: you need it when you shop, when you budget, when you don't have a calculator nearby, and in myriad other scenarios. That's why, if you want to teach your young child to add, help them with the tips below.

How to Help a Child with Additions

Understand the Basics

If your child doesn't know numbers, how to count, or even what adding is or what it's used for, it will be increasingly difficult for them to learn how to do it effectively. For that reason, ensure that they first have a clear understanding of the basics.

Skip Count

If you want to slowly introduce the concept of adding to your child without overwhelming them, you can ask them to, for example, count in 3s (3, 6, 9...). The "skip counting" method will help them start adding and get into the right mindset.

Add with Objects

Adding imaginary numbers may not mean a lot for your child. If you want to land the concept even more, as well as give them a tangible way to get through this basic math operation, make use of quantifiable objects like books or pencils. Have them count the objects, add more, and count them again. Before you know it, they'll be adding easily.

Practice Additions Regularly

Every new skill requires practice in order to master it. That's why you should make sure that your child has enough practice opportunities (such as practice sheets or in real life scenarios). But remember: they shouldn't use calculators or their fingers to add!

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