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2 Back to School Ideas That Are Fun and Meaningful

We had previously shared a few ideas for creating back to school traditions that allow your children to open up about the new school year. This time, at The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove we have two more ideas to have fun at the beginning of this new school year.

Back to School Scavenger Hunt

The new school year has started and your child may already have most of their school supplies. However there are always teachers that ask for specific set of materials or tools for their classroom. This is a great way to get involved with your child and to let them know you do listen to what they tell you. Ask your child to tell you all the special materials their teachers may have asked for. Make a list of them and check with their teachers to know by when they will need these materials. Buy them ahead of time and the night before they need to bring them to school hide them around the house with small encouraging notes for your child to read. Have them look for them and give them hints like screaming hot! when they are getting near to where an item is hidden and yelling cold! when they are far from a finding a hidden item. This great and fun way to get your child excited and prepared for the new school year just make sure your child puts all the materials in their backpack to take to school the next day.

Back to School Drawer

Clean out a drawer for this new school year and leave your children small surprise school supplies for them to look for in there. Then let your children know that that drawer is specially for this new school year. Allow them to open it and place any of their new school work or important information in it, so that you can see what they want to show you. Every weekend, take the time to organize whatever is there, and have a binder inside for notes from teachers, grades and other important events for your child's school. Make sure you check the drawer often so you see what your child is putting in. This allows them to feel the freedom of choosing what to share with you through this drawer. It is also a great way for you keep organized information about this new school year. Who knows? You might be surprised every time you open it.

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