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If your new year's resolution this year is to read more, this post will share tips on how you can keep it!

How to Read More

  1. The first step is to establish reading goals for yourself that can guide you in the right direction. For example, make it a point to read half an hour each day.
  2. Next, you may want to inform others of your goals. Doing so may make it more likely that you'll be held accountable for them.
  3. Be it on your phone, on your tablet, or in physical form, you should always have something to read with you, so you can tackle your goal whenever you have downtime.
  4. A way to make reading more enjoyable is to read more than one book at once. This, so you can jump between books as your mood changes.
  5. It's also important that you open up your mind to the different reading material available to you (fiction, non-fiction, news reports, and more).
  6. A taboo you should definitely break is that of quitting a book. Forcing yourself to read something you're not interested in can be very detrimental, so avoid doing it.
  7. In this day and age, you have several options to read books (be it through audio books, digitally, or in physical form). Take advantage of them all to increase your book count.
  8. Finally, share what you're reading with others to make reading a more fun, enriching, and interesting learning experience.

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