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While you may be ready to get school over with so you can go on your winter break, you need to make sure that you finish this academic period strong. To that end, you should learn how to take tests effectively, so you can do a good job on them. Follow the tips below on this regard, so you can get good grades and enjoy your vacation fully.

How to Take a Test Effectively

  1. Many students get nervous and forget to write their name on the test, which can result in a lost exam (and grade). To prevent that, the first thing you should do is write your name once you get your exam.
  2. Before you start answering, make it a point to read your exam (the instructions, questions, possible answers, everything), so you know what you need to do. If there's some confusion, ask your teacher as soon as possible.
  3. Sloppy answers can lead to lower grades. That's why you should answer correctly: as you're instructed, with proper penmanship and spelling, and with complete sentences.
  4. Tests can be overwhelming, but if you start with the easier questions, you'll get more time to answer the harder ones. Just remember to mark the ones you skip, so you can return to them later.
  5. It goes without saying that you shouldn't cheat. Doing so won't do you any good, since it won't help you learn. Moreover, you may get caught, which can have even worse consequences than a few incorrect answers.
  6. Finally, if you have time, don't hand in your test without reviewing it: reread the whole test (the instructions, questions, your answers, and more). Ensure that you've answered all of the questions, and use this time to correct or improve any answers if possible.

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