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Having a wide vocabulary can have incredible benefits for a child: they'll be able to express their ideas, opinions, and thoughts better, they'll have a higher understanding of others and their world, among many others. That's why, if your child could use some help with their vocabulary, you should try the tips below.

How to Help Your Child with Their Vocabulary

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Encouraging your child to read more can help them develop several skills, including their vocabulary. This is because it forces them to find new words, which is the first step in building a vocabulary.

Provide a Dictionary

As mentioned above, being exposed to unknown words is only the first step. To widen their vocabulary, your child should learn what those unknown words mean. Provide a dictionary and teach them how to use it to help them in this regard.

Keep a Journal

Employing those new words correctly is the third and final step. That's why you should motivate your child to keep a journal. While they write, they can begin to put those newly-learned words to good use.

Have Conversations

Having conversations with your child can also prove to be valuable. Through them, you can introduce new words, explain their meaning, and push your child to use them in the conversation.

Play with Them

Finally, a fun way to help your child build their vocabulary is to simply play with them. Completing a crossword puzzle or playing a game of Scrabble, will ensure they'll have a larger word collection.

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