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Since your child is on summer break, it's likely that they want to sit in front of the TV the whole time. Still, this can be detrimental. To build healthy TV habits on them, continue reading.

How to Form Healthy TV Habits

  1. For starters, you need to be an example for your child. If you spend all day watching TV, you can't ask them to do any differently. Engage in other activities, such as reading, so they can imitate your good habits.
  2. It's necessary that you set up some rules regarding TV usage. For instance, limit their TV time to a couple of hours a day, they should only watch after they're down with their duties, they shouldn't watch it right before bed, and they shouldn't do it as they eat or do something else.
  3. Needless to say, you should monitor what your child is watching to ensure it's appropriate. Moreover, you should try to encourage them to watch high quality content that's educational.
  4. If you discuss the material your child is watching, you can help them sharpen their critical thinking skills. To that end, ask them about the plot, the characters, their decisions, and more.
  5. Finally, give your child other options of things to do. During the summer, you can enroll them in a class, take them to the zoo, set up play dates with other children, and more, to get them off the couch.

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