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Being organized with your time is key if you want to be a successful learner and student. Still, managing your time effectively can be easier said than done. A functional schedule can be a great tool to achieve that purpose. To learn how you can put one together, refer to the post below.

How to Stay Organized with a Schedule

Think of All You Should Do

The first step is realizing how much needs to get done on any given day. Make a list with all of your duties or anything that may take up time from your day (homework, studying, chores, practice, social events, or other).

Get Your Priorities in Order

Once you know everything you should do, organize your activities in order of importance. Remember to pay particular attention to those areas that are most challenging and that, as such, will take up more of your time.

Set a Period of Time for Each Duty

It's crucial that you set a time interval to complete each of your duties in, and that you follow it to a T. This will help you achieve your goal of finishing everything effectively and on time.

Consider Breaks and Interruptions

When you're setting the time frames for each activity, remember that it's likely that you won't be productive 100% of the time. For this reason, you should set a few minutes for breaks, so your mind can rest and isn't too exhausted to continue working.

Devise an Incentives Program

If you feel you aren't keeping up with your schedule as well as you should, put together an incentive program that will motivate you to continue. A reward, such as eating ice cream afterward, can push you to finish on time.

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