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Notebooks are a basic necessity in every student's life since they are where a student writes down the notes they use to study. However, having a messy, disorganized notebook can get in the way of the student's studying, as it may distract them and make them waste time. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, here you'll find quick tips to keep an organized notebook that will actually help you study effectively.

How to Have an Organized Notebook

  1. Start by having a separate notebook/folder combo for each of your subjects, so you don't end up mixing all of them into one.
  2. Write the date and a title on each of the lessons you take note of. This will make them easier to find when you're studying.
  3. Don't rip the pages out from your notebook and don't save loose papers in it either (that's what folders are for).
  4. Keep your notebooks clean: avoid doodling or having too many mistakes, since they can distract you when you're reviewing.
  5. Finally,  write a number on each page and create an index on the back of your notebook to keep your notes extra organized.

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